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TMI features a twin mineral tank system governed by a meter initiated control valve. One mineral tank is in service delivering soft water while the second mineral tank is held in reserve. When the softening capacity of the service tank is used up, the control valve automatically switches the water flow to the reserve tank. The exhausted tank regenerates immediately and becomes the reserve.


  • Heavy duty mineral tanks and brine tank
  • Fleck 9000 valve, 3/4" or 1" inlet/outlet, 110V/60Hz, brass construction, mechanical or electronic control, downflow brining
  • Meter initiated
  • High quality softening resin
  • Gravel underbedding
  • Brine line installation fittings, drain line hose barb and owner's manual included
  • Optional brine safety valve for added overflow protection
  • Optional grid plate reduces bridging
  • Optional bypass valve (3/4" only) for ease of installation and service
  • Optional SXT electronic timer available

Service Manual

Timer Manual