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Softeners equipped with the 7000SXT control valve can achieve very high flow rates with only a small drop in pressure through the valve. The valve is built with the very latest in technology including all-composite construction, reliable optical electronics and quick connect clips which allow for easy installation and maintenance.


  • Integral super-cap power back up
    • Minimum power back-up of 48 hours
    • Keeps time and the passage of days during power outage
  • Larger, back-lit display with additional characters and information icons.
    • Easier to read and understand versus original SE
  • Updated user interface with more intuitive controls and programming codes.
  • New diagnostic view that displays flow rate, peak flow rate, hours in service, volume used, reserve capacity settings, and software version
  • Easier to troubleshoot by technicians
  • Improved regeneration display
  • SXT Timer displays abbreviations for the specific regen steps instead of the step number
    • BW – Backwash
    • BD – Brine Draw
    • RR – Rapid Rinse
    • BF – Brine Fill
  • SXT Timer shows minutes and seconds remaining for each regeneration step instead of minutes
  • Addition of the "Day of Week" control type option
  • More control in programming
  • Improved time of day functionality
  • Prevents unit from entering regeneration when setting the time of day
  • Flow Indicator flashes when outlet flow is detected
    • Service Icon flashes if a regeneration cycle has been queued

Service Manual